Hokkaido Jingu Shinto Shrine was established by an imperial edict of the Maiji Emporor in 1869. The shrine opened in 1870.

Houses four deities: 

  • Oh-Kuni-Tamaro-Kami - Divine Spirit of the Land of Hokkaido
  • Oh-Na-Mu-Chino-Kami - Divine Spirit of National Administration and Colonization
  • Sukuna-Hiko-Nano-Kami - Divine Spirit of National Administration, Medicine, and Sake Brewing
  • Meiji Ten’nou - The 122nd Emperor responsible for building the foundations of modern Japan

If you are wondering I picked a omikuji and the luck was half. After pick a fortune you tie it to a string/wire/tree with a prayer that the good luck would stay or the back luck would turn into good luck

The bronze state is of Yoshitake Shima. He brought the necessary objects of Shinto worship in the early days of colonizing Hokkaido. The roads were so bad back then that they were described as “Fit for neither man or beast.”